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Victory machinery is devoted to being your #1 parts supplier. We are much more than just a local parts manufacturer.We strive to do your best by supplier as many parts as possible and connecting with hundreds of manufacturers,to offer a complete selection of replacement parts to meet every customer's needs. Our goal is to provide the best value in the industry and be your everyday parts manufacturer.

Please give us a call to find out how we can best serve you today!

Quality Customer Service

We put a premium on customer service and recognize the need for value and savings in today's difficult marketplace. Our customer service team and sales department take pride in delivering quick responses and ensuring every customer is satisfied with both the quote they requested and the product .

Highest Quality Savings

We strive to deliver parts with the highest quality savings while still providing the reliability that our customer's require. We continuously provide value and savings while still meeting quality and delivery requirements.

track rollersTRACK ROLLER

◎ Single and double-edge track roller suits for cater excavating machine and special machinery ranging 3 to 50 tons.

◎ Double conical sealing and lifelong lubrication designing enable the track roller to have longer service life and perfect performance in any circumstances.

◎ The shell made by hot forging treatment obtains superior structure of internal materials and fiber

                                        ◎ Differential quenching or feed-through quenching heat treatment is effective in crack resistance.

CARRIER ROLLERcarrier rollers

◎ Carrier roller with sing and double flanges suit for excavating equipment  and caterpillar drilling equipment ranging from 3 to 50 tons.

◎ Double conical sealing and lifelong lubrication designing enable the carrying wheel to have longer service life and perfect performance in any circumstances



◎ sprocket segment with complete models and types are available for excavators equipment ranging from 3 to 50 tons.

◎ The effective quenching depth guarantees the abrasion resistance performance and greatly prolongs the service life . 

front IDLER


◎ The broadly optional guiding wheel suits for caterpillar excavating machine and special machinery ranging from 3 to 50 tons
◎ It includes such types as casting ,welding and manufacturing ,etc

◎ The special heat treatment technology prolongs the service life and makes it endure the heavy load and prevent smash to a maximum extent



◎ The broadly optional track link assembly, with pitch from 101 to 216,suits for excavating equipment and special machinery of most sizes

◎ Solid design of chain link enables wear resistance and stress resistance for ling time

◎ The highly finished and deeply quenched chain link, pin sleeve and bush are stronger in wear resistance

Huge Undercarriage Inventory

Huge Undercarriage Inventory

Competitive Pricing & Excellent Warranties

Our products is supporting completelywith highly competitive price advantageadapted to the needs of the market at home and abroad, by the overwhelming majority of users favor and praise.

Rigorous Quality Control

Rigorous Quality Control

Accurate Delivery Time                                                                                                              Online 24 Hours

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