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    Mar 2020

    Maintenance guide for mini excavators

    1. Check the working hours The time meter should be checked every day to check if the time has reached the necessary maintenance time. 2. Keep the machine clean Always keep the machine clean and easy to find when it fails. Keep the grease mouth, vent and oil level indicator clean 3. Be careful of hot water and hot oil Immediately after the engine is stopped, it is dangerous to disassemble the filt...
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  • 20

    Sep 2018

    Excavator work accident example sharing

    Excavator work accident example sharing Accident one: Cause of the accident: The operator misjudged the width of the machine and the width of the road, causing the machine to slide into the pond while it was in progress. Accident two: Cause of the accident: the quarrying operation in the mountain area, because the owner and the operator did not have the dangerous pre-support of the “mountain lands...
  • 07

    Sep 2018

    The most detailed guide for excavator purchase.

    Excavator has become one of the most important types of construction equipment in engineering construction, especially the emergence of hydraulic excavator provides advanced and efficient construction means for earth and rock works. ONE. The use of excavators Excavators are mainly used for the following tasks: (1) excavation of buildings and plant foundations; (2) excavating the soil material and ...
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